About our Easter Cards

CustomCards.biz is based on an original idea by James Whiting. Below are details of all the images used in our free Easter E-cards.

The following images were obtained from Gifs.net.

These images were created by Dorret Goodwin.

An Easter bunny amongst Easter eggs A dancing bunny A dancing bunny beside a pile of eggs A bunny and a ‘Happy Easter’ message A bunny, some eggs, and a ‘Happy Easter’ message Two bunnies, some eggs, and a ‘Happy Easter’ message A rabbit holding a sign saying Easter, with a decorated egg

Gifs.net does not identify the creators of the following images.

A bunny with wings, jumping up and down holding an egg A bunny painting an egg A bunny painting eggs A bunny balancing a brightly-coloured egg on its nose An egg, wearing a hat, and holding a ‘Happy Easter’ sign A male egg giving a flower to a female egg for Easter A rabbit painting eggs, and putting them in a basket Two bunnies in a field of flowers A bunny A Happy Easter alarm clock with a bunny face A rabbit painting an egg An Easter egg hatching to produce a bunny A bunny emerging from a basket of eggs A bunny and a chick on a rocking chair A bunny with a basket of eggs, jumping up and down A bunny with a basket of eggs A basket of eggs with an Easter message A Happy Easter card An Easter cow A cross on an egg and a Happy Easter message A boy hatching from an Easter egg Two brightly decorated Easter eggs A woman dances an Easter dance A ‘Happy Easter’ flag A ‘Happy Easter’ bunny

All of the images below were obtained from the Open Clip Art Library and are in the public domain.

An Easter chick The empty tomb from which Jesus rose at Easter A grey-brown rabbit A rabbit with three eggs Three chicks and a basket of Easter eggs Five chicks A chick hatching from an egg A chick in an eggshell A chick in an eggshell A newborn chick in a chocolate egg A chick juggling Easter eggs A hen with a basket of Easter eggs A hen, three chicks, and a basket of Easter eggs A hen with her newborn chicks A green egg with a smiley face Flowers and a rooster A chick with an Easter egg in a nest A blue decorated egg A green and white decorated egg An egg painted with green, yellow and blue lines Three Easter eggs A bunny’s head An Easter landscape, with chicks, bunnies and eggs Two chicks dressed in their Sunday best for Easter A yellow flower A chick in a glass egg Many colourful eggs inside a big blue egg Dancing an Easter dance A chick hatching Music coming from an egg A mysterious grey egg A yellow egg with a star An egg with a crack, about to hatch A chick A black and white chick An Easter chick A bunny rabbit and a basket of painted eggs A cartoon-style bunny’s face A rabbit, with her baby, and a basket of painted eggs A bunny sitting on an Easter egg A basket of eggs and a lamb An Easter scene, with lambs, bunnies, a chick and a basket of coloured eggs A red and white egg Daffodils A hot cross bun An egg-shaped duck

These images below are all from WP Clipart, and are in the public domain.

Three coloured eggs A basket of painted eggs and a bunny A bunny rabbit sitting on eggs in a basket An empty basket A bowl of coloured eggs Two well-dressed bunnies with a tulip A bunny with flowers A pink bunny rabbit A bunny and a chick amongst flowers Two bunnies and a chick with flowers A bunny cracking an egg open with an axe A bunny about to paint some eggs A bunny with a painted Easter egg and some flowers A bunny hatching from an egg A bunny in a basket with some painted eggs A pink rabbit A bunny rabbit and a newly-hatched chick A bunny rabbit with a flower pot A bunny playing a huge drum Jesus being crucified A cartoon bunny with a purple egg A chick looking thoughtful Two chicks painting an egg Chicks sheltering under an umbrella A chocolate bunny A bunny rabbit with a basket of decorated eggs A bunny with some Easter flowers A girl in a pink dress with a basket A basket of painted eggs A basket and some eggs A basket of coloured eggs An Easter book and a flower Bunny rabbits A rabbit pushing a wheelbarrow of coloured eggs A rabbit giving an egg to a girl A chick in a painted egg A chick and a painted egg An egg saying ‘Easter’ A painted egg A chick hatching from a coloured egg A painted egg A decorated egg A brightly painted egg A painted egg An egg-shaped bunny rabbit An egg-shaped Easter hen An egg tied up with a ribbon A painted Easter egg A brightly decorated Easter egg Three brightly coloured Easter eggs Many chocolate Easter eggs Butterflies and daisies with an Easter greeting A chocolate bunny and an Easter egg A cross at sunrise on Easter morning Children hunting for Easter eggs A bunny rabbit, an Easter egg, and some pink flowers A bunny rabbit and a ‘Happy Easter!’ message A bunny rabbit and a ‘Happy Easter’ message A ‘Happy Easter’ message with a painted egg Three smiling eggs A ‘Happy Easter message’ with a painted egg, in black and white Two girls with bunnies and an Easter message Christ carrying the cross A newly hatched chick singing A punk rock Easter chick Jesus Christ after he comes alive again A grey rabbit and coloured eggs The sun shines on Christ’s tomb after he has come alive again Jesus appearing to Mary Magdalene A yellow egg

Finally, our favicon Decorated eggs, appearing and disappearing is courtesy of Leanne Boyd and Favicon.cc.

I’m very grateful to all the people who have made their images available – this website would not have been possible without their generosity.

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